Mounting the Flight Controller


Almost all Flight Controllers have a heading mark arrow (shown below). The controller should be placed on the frame top-side up, oriented so that the arrow points towards the front of the vehicle (on all aircraft frames - airplane, multirotor, VTOL, ground vehicles etc.)

FC Heading Mark

FC Orientation

If the controller cannot be mounted in the recommended/default orientation (e.g. due to physical constraints) you will need to configure the autopilot software with the orientation that you actually used: Flight Controller Orientation.

Vibration damping

Flight Control boards with in-built accelerometers are sensitive to vibrations. Some boards include in-built vibration-damping, while in other cases the boards come with vibration damping foam that you can use to isolate the controller from the vehicle.

Pixhawk Mounting foam - Pixhawk vibration damping foam

You should use the vibration damping/mounting strategy recommended in your flight controller documentation.

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