Compass Calibration

The compass calibration process configures all connected internal and external magnetometers. QGroundControl will guide you to position the vehicle in a number of set orientations and rotate the vehicle about the specified axis.

If you are using an external magnetometer/compass (e.g. a compass integrated into a GPS module) make sure you mount the external compass on your vehicle properly and connect it to the autopilot hardware. Instructions for connecting your GPS+compass can be found in Basic Assembly for your specific autopilot hardware. Once connected, QGroundControl will automatically detect the external magnetometer.

Performing the Calibration


  1. Start QGroundControl and connect the vehicle.
  2. 在工具栏选择 齿轮 图标 (机体设置),然后在侧边栏选择 传感器
  3. Click the Compass sensor button.

    Select Compass calibration PX4

    你必须首先设置好 自动驾驶仪坐标系。 如果没有,也可以在这里设置。

  4. 点击确定开始标定。

  5. Place the vehicle in any of the orientations shown in red (incomplete) and hold it still. Once prompted (the orientation-image turns yellow) rotate the vehicle around the specified axis in either/both directions. 该位置标定完成后,屏幕上的相应图示将变成绿色。

    Compass calibration steps on PX4

  6. 在所有标定位置重复步骤5。

所有位置都标定完成后,QGroundControl将显示标定完成 (所有标定位置都变成绿色,进度条也显示完成)。 然后可以开始标定下一个传感器。


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